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Welcome to the PRIVACYAND COOKIE Policies page of SEASON JOBS ("Policies"). All definitions, terms and conditions of the Terms of Use of SEASON JOBS apply to the terms herein. We strongly encourage you to visit this site regularly, to notice any changes and amendments SEASON JOBS does.


We take your privacy and private information very seriously here at SEASON JOBS, and are committed to be law abiding to any regulations and laws which apply to the use, management, handling and protection of your privacy and private information. The goal of these Policies is to inform you about our policy towards the collection of any of your private information, and why and how we use and share such information. Please make sure you read this section entirely, as it will apply to your use of the Websites.The continued entering and use of the SEASON JOBS Services and the Websites by You, the User, shall be construed as your acceptance and consent to thesePolices and all terms and conditions set out herein. If you do not agree or accept them, either in part or in whole, please immediately stop accessing the Websites and account, and discontinue your use of the SEASON JOBS Services.


We collect personal information from you when you complete registration or sign up for an account, or whenever you fill out any available forms on the Websites; this extends to when you purchase Memberships, Online Credit and/or add funds to your online balance, hire employees, freelancer services or tasks; or when you participate in any of the other sections of the Websites, which may or may not be available to you, including, but not limited to, forums, blogs, message boards, contact forms, send us emails and any other methods made available by SEASON JOBS.

The information collected of you and all users by SEASON JOBS may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. FULL NAME. Includes all of your given names. This information is not reliant to your chosen username, which you will use to access your account.
  2. HOME ADDRESS. This is the address you registered as your home locations.
  3. JOB LOCATION. This is the address a Job Poster or Employer needs the job to be fulfilled.
  4. BILLING ADDRESS. This is the address which is directly related to your payment method.
  5. EMAIL ADDRESS. The provided email address, provided by you, for registration purposes.
  6. PHONE NUMBERS. Telephone numbers of your home, office, or mobile phone.
  7. POSTAL CODES OR ZIP. Your specified postal codes and zip codes, needed to be provided Goods –if available-, promotional material when solicited, and to confirm and verify your reported address, if needed or required by local regulation.
  8. COUNTRY OR STATE LOCATION. The nation and/or state you currently reside in.
  9. PAYMENT METHOD INFORMATION. PayPal information, Credit Card, and Debit cards numbers you may use to make PayPal transactions, as well as any other online accounts or bank accounts which may or may not be accepted by SEASON JOBS as a valid form of payment.
  10. PROFILES AND CV’S. This is information created and disclosed to Season Jobs by all registered Users, which may contain academic references and experiences, as well as brand advertisement, links to social media content, third party websites, and other User Generated Content, meant for promotional or informative purposes.

We also collect information about you automatically whenever you browse or access the Websites. This information is gathered anonymously and not identifiable, and does not directly relate to your name or to any other such information; instead it relates more to technical information, which helps us to understand your needs, and improve our services on the Websites. For these purposes we may collect data of cookies, your browsing preferences, your installed browser, your IP Address, tracking data, and other which relate to the aforementioned. For more information on these subjects, please read through these policies, or write us to the provided addresses.


By your continued visit, and by checking the "I agree" box whilst registering and/or signing up for an account, you agree to what is set out herein, and you acknowledge and be informed of the way we handle your information. If you do not agree with these Policies or you object to them, partially or in whole, please do not access, use, or benefit from our Services, and stop entering to the site immediately. Furthermore you agree and authorize SEASON JOBS, without limitation, to use your collected information, to do the following;

  1. Use parts or whole of your automatically collected information to personalize and improve your experience whilst accessing the Site and/or using the SEASON JOBS Services;
  2. Advise you about the latest improvements and additions to the Websites, such as new products, goods, services or Deals and Special Deals that you might find interesting;
  3. For Consumer Service Purposes;
  4. Establishing communication channels and personalizing our communications with you;
  5. Providing you the option to share our Websites’ content on social media, or to email those contents with a friend;
  6. Enabling you to share our content with others e.g. using an 'Email a friend' or 'Share this' functionality;
  7. Doing any Market analysis and commercial improvements of particular deals; and/or
  8. Implement any technical and statistical study, in order to measure the performance of both, the SEASON JOBS Services and the SEASON JOBSWebsites.


You authorize SEASON JOBS to share some of the collected information about you with third party with which SEASON JOBS engages to provide its services to you; these third parties are engaged for technical and commercial reasons, such as marketanalysis, internet traffic, marketing, advertising, and payment processing. Whenever necessary for you to access some of the Deals and Services provided on the Websites, we may need to disclose your information with the Product Suppliers and the Service Providers, including any third parties engaged by SEASON JOBS, as to clear and allow for you to make purchases or to credit funds, or make any form of payment available, either present or future, on the Websites. Furthermore, by using the Site, you consent to the transfer of your personal information by SEASON JOBS, as long as it is strictly necessary for the provision of the SEASON JOBS services. SEASON JOBS shall not share any of your information for third party commercial purposes, or sell them, or otherwise disclose them, pursuant to an agreement, or separate business.

Subject to your consent, we may deliver to you newsletters, or other forms of advertisement you opted in at any time whilst making use of the Websites.

You acknowledge and consent that SEASON JOBS may have to share and disclose any of your information pursuant to a subpoena, or another legal requirements, or legal compliance. SEASON JOBS may also do this when, in good faith, SEASON JOBS believes, or has good reason to believe, that you are involved in criminal activities, in money laundering, in terrorist financing, drug dealing, or other similar illegal activities.


PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT THE SEASON JOBS SITES USE COOKIES AND WEB BEACONS!!! A web beacon is a small graphic image strategically placed on a website that helps the website administrators and owners to monitor traffic information or gather information from within any electronic communications taken place on the Websites. A cookie is a very small text file which is stored on a Computer or other similar device's hard drive or other storage device. This is not done by the Website itself, but by your browser of choice, at petition of a website. SEASON JOBS uses cookies to find out details about traffic and visits to the Websites, as well as browsing habits of its Users; this is done to improve your experience on the Websites, and of the services. Please, be aware that most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but usually you can alter the settings of your browser to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer. If you choose not to receive our cookies, you may not be able to use some of the core features of the Site. You can learn more about cookies and how to reject them using different types of browsers or software by visiting and/or entering Also you agreethat at times third party advertisements may be displayed on the Websites; these advertisements may be based on your searches made, or to other behavior whilst surfing and/or exploring the internet. These advertisements are not placed by us in content, so we do not manage or store any registries of your tendencies, preferences and general behavior on the internet. At times flash cookies may also be used by SEASON JOBS from time to time, please refer to the Adobe website to review, and manage the stored information of flash cookies, stored directly to your hard-drive, and online.


Regarding Information Security,we utilize encryption/security software to safeguard and shield the confidentiality of your privacy and personal information; in addition to the aforementioned, we may manage and maintain electronic, physical, technical and procedural protection and practices to ensure your information is as safe as possible. Even so, you hereby agree and acknowledge that the internet is not a safe place or platform, far away, no website is absolutely secure, despite of any efforts to prevent this and what web designers and programmers assert about the subject; this implies that as now place or site, or software currently running or hosted on the internet secure, you understand that, despite of our efforts, your information may be accessed, shared or used in any way, due to a breach or forceful entry or access to the Websites, or to anyone altering our systems, or depositing any sort of malware or malicious software on our servers. What isstated before in the preceding sentence does not count towards breaches done to your account, and unauthorized access to your own equipment, due to negligence, carelessness or other motives solely of your responsibility.

SEASON JOBS also protects your information by having regular revisions to its procedures and policies, to improve security and lowering the chances of breaches. Employees are increasingly capacitated on the matter of the handling of private information.


In order to keep your information accurate and complete, you can access or update some of your information in the following ways:

  1. If you have created an account, you can log in and update your account information, including contact, billing, addresses and other related information.
  2. Contact us with your current contact information and the information you would like to access or change, and SEASON JOBS, within a reasonable period of time, and if available, may grant you the chance to change or access your information.


This Privacy Policy applies to all current or former user information and data the SEASON JOBS sites and software gather. This section of the Policies does not in any way apply to third parties or linked third party websites, as they have their own set of policies, which YOU MUST AGREE TO, in the event you use such services or websites in connection of the Site; those websites shall be responsible of their handling of your private information, and you state that you understand that SEASON JOBS hasno control over your disclosed information on those websites. We strongly advise you to read the terms and policies of such third party websites, before accessing or using them.

9. Changes to our Privacy Policy

SEASON JOBS will amend, change, or update these Policies from time to time, to either improve this section, or make SEASON JOBS more law compliant, following any changes or innovations to applicable law. You are required upon acceptance of these Policies to frequently visit this portion of the Websites, to be notified of any changes. You waive all rights to be noticed of such changes, besides our noticing you in this section, and sending you an email to inform you of these changes, amendments and/or updates.

These Policies were last updated September the21st, of 2015.